How to find config file

Config File in Meta Trader 4 reads parameters from a file located in the “config” directory. Essentially, you can take a server file for any broker, put it into your directory, and be able to create a demo account with that broker.

In computing, configuration files, or config files configure the parameters and initial settings for some computer programs. They are used for user applications, server processes and operating system settings. The files are often written with ASCII encoding (rarely UTF-8) and line-oriented, with lines terminated by a newline or carriage return/line feed pair (CR LF), depending on the operating system. In operating systems that categorise files by extensions, software-dependent extensions .cnf, .conf, and .cfg are often used.

Here are what to do:

  1. Download MT4 platform from your broker and install it on your computer
  2. Open and run your broker MT4 platform that had been installed
  3. From your broker MT4 platform open “File” and then choose “Open Data Folder”.
  4. Open “Config” folder.
  5. Copy all file format that are in the config folder and paste to any Mt4 platform you want with the same way.

Here are the screenshot:



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