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Non-stop team

Our team works 24 hours non-stop to watch and analyze the trend and market. We also work in fundamental analyze to see volatility expected.

Choose your trading strategy

You can choose your trading strategy either Manual or Auto trading. If you choose manual, your account is managed by professional money managers and if you choose auto your account is managed by our EA. At the same time you have complete access to your investment, 24 hours a day.

low risk investment

We provide investors with a low risk investment, which aims to make absolute, positive returns regardless of market conditions. It offers immediate access to your capital, safety of your investment, and added capital protection.

We make profit for you

We only make money, when the fund of the investor in total is profitable. So it’s in our best interest to make sure you make money as much as possible. We can make up to 1000% profits per month, for example, from $5,000 we can make up to $45,000/month, but it depends on market situation, brokers and risk appetite. 

Let us trade for you

Leave all that work to us. We take care all of those things. That’s why for making sure everything works and make profits we take profit share: 30-50%. It includes the trading software, and maintenance of the System and managed your account. We think it’s fair enough and it is the standard profit split in Forex Money Management.

Don’t trade by yourself

If you trade by yourself you will have a lot of works to make sure your PC and internet is working, you also need to understand every complicated trading program to run it.





  • You can start by downloading the LPOA (Excel Format):

  • Read all details and send it back to us by email: after you have signed and filled the form.
  • Choose your preferred brokers below! 
  • Fund your deposit according to what is stated on the form.
  • Let us make money for you



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Our System works with all kinds of accounts types and order sizes, Micro, Mini, Standard, VIP, etc. In most cases Mini Account has lower spread or better conditions for trading. The leverage should be as high as possible, e.g. 1:1000 or 1:500, but our EA works with all leverages, e.g. 1:100 or 1:50, this is not a problem at all.

What is a Limited Power of Attorney?

Managed Accounts cannot exist without a Limited Power of Attorney. Also known as an  LPOA, this legal document authorises a trader or money manager to legally manage the account on behalf of the investor or client. It is a document that investors must sign before their money is managed.

Even though in the legal world the name "Power of Attorney" (POA) is used to indicate complete authority to act on behalf of the client or full control, this is usually not the case in the brokerage world. When a broker refers to a "Power of Attorney" (and some even categorise their document as a "POA"), they are typically not implying full manager control (only partial). This can be verified by reading the language on the document itself to confirm that the money manager only has limited authority to place trades in the customer's account.

The LPOA protects both the investor and the money manager, who must also sign the power of attorney. The client is protected because the brokerage firm becomes the intermediary responsible for withdrawing only the stated amount of fees from the account (so that the manager does not have access to the funds). The manager is protected because the brokerage firm will make sure that he'll get paid the fees he's owed. The broker will also provide trading access to the manager and "view-only" (also known as "read-only") access to the investor, since the investor (by signing the LPOA) designated the manager as the only one in charge of making the trading decisions.

Another way an investor can protect himself is by revoking the POA at any time, which will restrict the manager from continuing to trade in the account.