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Phuong Bu

The trick with this strategy is to run a lot of pairs, but with a very low risk setting. I run 10 pairs all running 0.1 risk which has done me just fine for the past few months, even through the holidays.
Something else I’m considering trying is using manual lots, set to lowest my broker allows, and running EA FX ROBOT on every currency pair my broker offers with a reasonable spread. The profits would be small, but there would be so many trades happening so often that it would build fast. The name fits this EA perfectly because it truly is capable of trading any way you want it to.

Kameswara Rao Penumalii

This is the best EA that I have used that consistently makes money every week. I love how the support keeps those who purchased his EA informed. Started out with low risk at first and I have been increasing it steadily. I have used default strategies and all were profitable. DEFAULT is my favorite. I use 20 pairs with max charts 4 with the other settings set to default settings. I have the EA loaded on a VPS and runs 24 hours 6 days a week. I am currently experimenting with some of my own custom settings on my demo.

Joe M

I have been associated with, and using the technology for more than one year. I have made consistent monthly profits, and received excellent, prompt feedback and service whenever I need help. As a 30 year professional forex trader and institutional investor, I highly recommend the software. I am using the software to trade in 10 foreign countries and have over 500 programs operating successfully in over 30 accounts, and with over 25 VPS connections. Thanks

Dr. Aznavour

Novembre 8, 2016; I started with 200.00 dollars by the 11th, four days i made 922.67 in profit. On live account, standard leverage 1.500. Percent for the days are over 100% and in two months i know I can make over 10.K best EA ever thanks man!!!

Jaroslav Jurečka

I’m really impressed with the performance. I m using it on a live Ecn account and it is generating 450% profits in last one week. It’s good for people like me who knows nothing about Forex.

Luís Cardoso Costa

The best EA I came across in the last few years. I’m very happy that I finally came a cross something that really works. Thanks to creator for all his support and such a wonderful product!

Rustam Kirillov

I’m relatively new to Forex. I emailed the support to help me set things up to Teamviewer & show me within 2 minutes & its done.  I felt kind of dumb asking for help after I seen how easy it was.

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19 thoughts on “Reviews & Testimonials

  1. I already buy this expert advisor so far so good!!!
    this Robot is perfect so far I made Almost 2000% in 2 weeks
    good job
    customer support very good and excellent
    if market have high risk EA warn us automatically
    And one more think it’s very easy to install!!!

  2. Thank you for your help, now I’m winning both of my accounts, one is FXGiant and another one is SuperForex. I win almost 500% now after buying your robot on January 23, 2017. I’am happy to say this robot is working very well and I would suggest for all of you to use this robot on those 2 brokers (FXGiant and SuperForex). This is really amazing and unbelievable at first but after I saw it by my own eyes it’s REAL, It’s TRUE I can win in Forex.

  3. I`ve been running this ea on demo account some 2 months so far and recently on a real one as well. It is really good. I`m running EA FX ROBOT on 12 pairs and high risk. With no news check and default settings it still seems to be safe. Plus, you don`t feel left alone, EA FX ROBOT Support responds very quickly. I think this is going to be a real change in my Forex trading!
    I also can`t wait for the next day to get more profit for 700%.
    I will post in the forum,and tell all my friends about this!

  4. i already buy this expert advisor so far so good!!!
    this ea perfect so far 200% 2 weeks
    good job
    customer support very good and excellent
    if market have high risk the EA warn us
    good job keep going!!!

  5. I’ve got Nothing to say, i only see Profit 200-500% per week ( Having Trade growth percentage is Better than greedy right? ). I’m on Forex manual Trading for 3 Years. Sometimes profit,sometimes I’ve got big loses, i can’t stand it anymore. But God always know our problem, thanks to EA FX ROBOT, I’ve found This EA , there no more ”Sometimes” for me..its Always Profit . Everything you need is, how to set it.. But Remember , Proper settings can give you ALWAYS PROFIT.

  6. Is there anyone who’s a USA trader who has a USA regulated forex broker with the FIFO rules and who has used this before? The service looks pretty cool.

  7. I would give 6 or more stars if I could!! The best thing I’ve ever seen in the Forex business!! This thing can bring you financial independence!! I really can not speak highly enough of this!! The developer is a genius, their are very smart and helpful, and the EA itself just simply works brilliantly!! Thanks a lot!!

  8. You actually make it so easy with your Robot and manual and I find very good robot ever which I think I would very easy to understand. It seems not too complicated and very simple for me that doesn’t understand IT at all. I am looking forward for your help and your support gave very fast response. Thank you

    1. Hi Josh,
      I can make almost 1000% now using this robot and it could be more and more in the future. I use default setting they gave me from the beginning. It’s very easy to use it. I would recommend you to buy it now. Don’t waste your time to trade manual like me before. You have to use this robot as soon as possible.

  9. I’m relatively new to forex, and not very good with computers. I emailed their support about helping me set things up and they offered to teamviewer into my vps and show me to its done. I sat and watched them install it within 2 minutes and show me how to attach it to charts and select a strategy. I felt kind of dumb asking for help after I seen how easy it was lol.

    Anyways, I put it on the recommended pairs in their instructions, and change no other settings. It’s up +600% in 2 weks time and I have no clue how! I will watch it from time to time but I just don’t understand Forex enough to see how it knows when to trade.

    Oh well, I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone so far

  10. This is the only bot that works (profitable and secure) period. Regarding EA, this EA is a machine… it codes, always answers mails in less than 24h and it always has the answer to whatever you throw at it.. being strategy queries, more information on something you have on your mind, or even to give you set files pre configured. Been using EA FX ROBOT for 2.5 months. I would suggest a forum of some sort so clients can interact, share strategies, make improvement suggestions and so on… this would leverage the community to the roof and answer to the most common questions and detect minor bugs early on if any… Hope this goes on forever. Great Job

    1. No because we have analysed and combined all strategies and methods to get the best result for the robot. It’s not only one strategy was enveloped. So we used more than one strategy.

      Best Regards,

      Skype: live:eafxrobot2016

  11. Anyone using this ea that’s from the UK? if so what broker are you using it, what deposit did you start with and what’s the ROI you are getting from the robot. I’m thinking to use it with an ecn broker with a deposit of $500?

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